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Our goal has always been to provide the area's very best dental care. We're committed to bringing the most recent advances in dentistry to our community and practicing them in a comfortable, friendly environment. We are proud of the relationships we have with our patients. Please read Dr. Privatsky's testimonials below. We are confident that you will have the same experience when you walk through our door.

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It has been my distinct pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Bruce Privatsky DDS for quite some time and I feel I have finally found the quintessential dentist for me.

I am someone who has had a lifetime of bad teeth and very extensive dental work. This has left me with phobias and a distinct aversion to all things dental. Only extreme pain that would bring me to my knees would force me to seek help.

It was my very lucky day when I was referred to Dr. Privatsky. As was my usual approach, I was very leery of what to expect and I dreaded going to yet another dentist for torture. What a pleasant surprise awaited me! Dr. Privatsky listened, really listened to my concerns and experiences. He answered every question I posed and then gently and professionally examined my teeth. He then sat down with me and outlined the work that needed to be down and the treatment plan.

Through all the work that needed to be done, my faith and belief in Dr. Privatsky grew in leaps and bounds! His work was absolutely professional and of the highest quality. His touch is delicate and he makes certain that his patient is always comfortable.

Recently I was involved in an accident and injured my teeth. Dr. Privatsky immediately responded to my problems and helped me through the entire episode. He followed through by personally calling me to check on how I was doing. This helped me to feel more secure during a traumatic time.

I highly recommend and commend Dr. Privatsky for being the consummate professional that he is, as well as being a very caring individual which is evident in his dealing with his patients.

Thank you Dr. Privatsky for reinstalling my trust in the dental profession through your actions.

A very grateful patient,
Sophia Kaspar